While some Canadian provinces (BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland) have enacted statutory torts of invasion of privacy, Ontario has not. Nevertheless, a judge of the Ontario Superior Court recently concluded that the time has come to recognize invasion of privacy as a common law tort …

The Torts of Invasion of Privacy - LawShelf There are several actionable torts in the "invasion of privacy" category. These include intrusion upon seclusion, misappropriation of name or likeness, excessive publication of private facts and false light. New Tort of Privacy in Ontario | Employment & Human Rights Jan 18, 2012 Ontario Court Recognizes New Invasion of Privacy Tort

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If you have been injured in Ontario by another’s wrongful act — whether intentional or unintentional, and whether your injury is physical, emotional, psychological, or financial — you may have a tort claim. To obtain the compensation you deserve, you should hire a qualified Ontario personal-injury lawyer. Canadian tort law - Wikipedia Ontario has recognized the existence of the tort of invasion of privacy called "intrusion upon seclusion". British Columbia, on the other hand, has held that the tort does not exist in that province under the common law. There was some debate over whether there was a common law tort of discrimination.

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Dec 27, 2019 No Claims Between Spouses For Tort | Ontario Divorce Lawyer The question often arises whether there is any relief available from the harm suffered by spouses from the wrongful acts of the other party. This civil area of law is known as Tort Law. The short answer is no. The Courts have ruled that no tort actions exist for wrongful … New Privacy Tort in Ontario: What Could it Mean For