Unfortunately, many of these border areas are unsafe. This is no surprise for the region bordering Afghanistan, but you should also exercise caution in areas bordering Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. These areas have experienced cross-border gunfire, and some sections may be riddled with landmines.

The capital of Tajikistan- Dushanbe is recognized the most safe city for night walking Worlds most remote highways Originally a northern segment of the Silk Road trading route, the Pamir Highway has been in use for almost 2,000 years. But few travellers make it there today. Tajikistan - Current Travel Warnings | www.Reisewarnung.net Tajikistan is a country in Asia (Central Asia) with around 8 million citizens and a land mass of 143,100 km². We detected travel advisories from 6 sources for this country. Bordering countries: 3.7 / 5. Tajikistan shares land borders with 4 neighbouring states. For this country, the Danger Index is 3.7 (average value for all countries). Tajikistan Travel Advisory Global Health Advisory: Do Not Travel. Avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.. On March 13, 2020, the State Department allowed for the voluntary departure of non-emergency personnel and family members of U.S. government employees due to declining commercial flight availability and travel screening procedures implemented by the Government of Tajikistan. Tajikistan International Travel Information Public transportation in the city is often overcrowded and not always safe. Bus service between major cities is unreliable. The State Traffic Inspectorate (GAI, or in Tajiki, BDA) maintains checkpoints in cities and along highways. The GAI frequently stops vehicles to inspect vehicles and driver documents.

To finally answer your question, most people who have been to both countries would probably tell you that they didn't feel threatened at all. But statistically, Tajikistan is probably safer for foreigners, and hands down one of the most welcoming places on earth. All you need is your common sense, and you're good-to-go in either UZB or TJ!

Summers in Tajikistan can be hot with temperatures in the 100’s. Dust storms occur regularly, especially at lower altitudes. How Safe is Tajikistan? Crime is prevalent in Dushanbe but violent crimes are rare. The most common form of crime reported is sexaul harrassment of women walking alone.

Aug 16, 2018 · "Central Asia generally is fairly safe," said Paul Stronski, a senior fellow in the Russia and Eurasia program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Is Tajikistan safe for tourists? Although the country has seen sporadic violence, these incidents are exceptions to the generally safe environment for tourists in Tajikistan. Safety for tourists is a priority of the government, and the country maintains a low rate of violent crime, a welcoming attitude towards tourists and a genuine spirit of